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On the Street Where You Live

On the Street Where You Live

This morning we woke up with the sun and felt totally in our new time zone. That’s what sleep deprivation gives you I guess. It was so quiet. No cars zooming up and down the street. No buzz of freeway traffic. Just quiet. Aah, this was a vacation! We started the day with a walk in the neighbourhood. The patisserie was open, the neighbourhood convenience store was opening up and small trucks were making their morning deliveries.

Many of the buildings that people lived in had an old charm about them. There was something very authentic about the way the whole neighbourhood felt.

Walking down the street, we came upon a strange sight. It looked like people had built caves into the hills. What were they used for? War time hideouts? Prisons? The answer was “yes”. These were built during the war and some had been used as prisons. But now, people actually lived in them as residences.

At the top of another hill was a town landmark, the Joan d’Arc tower. This tower had a place for guns and cannons used during wartime and the hill also had caves built into it. Inside the tower were the names of the local soldiers that died in WWII.

Allan and I drove through some of the local French countryside. He had to find the horses!

The master and I took in a short study of sunflowers. It was a beautiful introduction to the French countryside.

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