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Recovery -

Hopes and Dreams, and Growing Your Life

If you have been involved with the mental health field at some time, you have probably noticed that it is focused primarily on remediating and stabilizing the symptoms of mental illness.


Recovery is about much more than this. Research is now showing that one of the major influences in people's ability to get back to their lives is not only their ability to manage their illness but their ability to create and maintain their own mental wellness and their ability to flourish, which is a qualitatively different aspect of mental health. 


When people are recovering from a serious condition, illness, loss or trauma, they often need time to heal, space to grow, to (re-) connect with their hopes and dreams and to (re-) discover what is possible in their lives. From Angela's own life and work, she has discovered that many people experience two journeys; they are both part of life and they are both processes of recovery and discovery. The outer journey is the experience of the world around us, how we interact, what we learn, our struggles, achievements, goals and adventures. The inner journey is an internal journey, a process of discovering who we are, what our place is in the world, our gifts, our life lessons, our significant experiences and our paths. 


In working with people experiencing mental illness, Angela has found it extremely important to convey a sense of hope, wonder and enthusiasm about what is possible in that person's life. She has found it equally if not more important with people who work in the mental health field to inspire a sense of hope, wonder and enthusiasm about the possibilities of their patients'/clients'/residents' lives. 


Angela is using The Recovery Centred Clinical System, developed by Telecare Corporation  as it is an extemely useful model to convey these ideas.














Some of the organizations Angela has worked with:


Fraser Health

Vancouver Coastal Health

Vancouver Island Health Authority

Interior Health

Canadian Mental Health Association - Vancouver/Burnaby Branch 


Angela can tailor workshops to the needs of your group (from half day to 3 day workshops).

​Please contact her to discuss your organization's needs.


"You are such a wonderful facilitator and truly make learning RCCS manageable for everyone even those that are not working with clients. The training definitely helps with having a common language and connects everyone on the same vision.​"

 - Christine Edgecomb

       Leisure & Volunteer Access Coach 

      "Get Set & Connect" Program  

      Canadian Mental Health Association - Vancouver/Burnaby Branch



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