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The Possibility Tree

"STOP! STOP what you're doing!" They all turned around to see Master Ming running toward them..."You must stop right now What have you learned? All of you! What have you learned?"

~Excerpt from The Possibility Tree

When Lan is chosen as one of Master Ming's special students she is honoured. But when she discovers that her Possibility Tree is both a blessinand a curse she must come to terms with her own place in the world.

As a mirror for Modern society, this gentle story reminds us of the unique gifts we each bring to theld and the place we each have in it.


"What a lovely book! I enjoyed the reading and the pictures. Very inspiring. Thank you."    Ester Tejeda


"I blame you for my lack of sleep today. :) I was so tired last night and thought I would only read 10-20 pages of your book. I couldn't stop until I had read it all. I was moved by it. I think it's inspirational and beautiful."   Eric Delisle


"I lay in bed thinking about it. It seems to me the book is a blue-print for life. Just imagine the consequence if millions of people got involved and encountered changes that students: Lan, Lang, Shin, Tai and Quiang did. The world would be a safer and happier place!"   John Powell


"It is a good book - with particular relevance in the multicultural communities of today!"  Catherine Yeung  

Press Release


For Immediate Release:


Mother-Daughter Team Pens Folktale

Find Your Place in the World with The Possibility Tree


(Burnaby, B.C., June 24, 2013) Connect with your spirit and your world with The Possibility Tree. Written by Angela Louie and illustrated by her daughter, India Eliot Oates, The Possibility Tree is a gentle story aimed at inspiring the hearts and minds of young readers and adults alike.


Lan is a young girl who learns about her unique gifts and place in the world. Through her story, we learn to open up to the possibilities of our own lives and to take our own unique place in the world. Told in the form of an ancient folktale, this story is a timeless coming of age tale relating to all ages. It is for all those who are finding their way in life or exploring their own values and paths.


The Possibility Tree is available online at, Amazon and Chapters as a soft-bound book or ebook. It is also available for order from most book retailers.


About the Author


Angela Louie works in the mental health field where she brings the concepts and tools of recovery to staff and clients. She was the silver medalist at the 2005 World Championship of Public Speaking. She is interested in the themes of spirituality, meaning and “growing your life”.



Contact Information

Angela Louie



About the illustrator


India Eliot Oates is an artist illustrator with a passion for cartoons.  Her main focus in the creation of art is communicating the idea or emotion. The most important thing is the message that a person gets from the artwork they see.


Contact Information

India Eliot








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