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More and more medieval castles

The drive from Chateaugay to Padres was long and stressful. The freeway traffic was much more congested and the roads were downhill and winding. Allan loves to drive (thankfully) but the closeness of the cars and the speed made me hold on the door handle more than once!

As we whistled down the freeway, we saw many medieval mountain villages centred around castles. There seemed to be as many medieval castles in this part of France as there are malls in the lower mainland.

We stopped to explore one of these medieval mountain villages along the way. The buildings were arranged (or not arranged) like a maze with alleyways for roadways serving both directions of traffic.

We ended up at the castle of Villeneuve-Lembron, a fitting place to stumble upon. The castle was built in 1435 with distinctive slate tiles rather than red tiles on the roof of the turrets.

The frescos/murals inside one part of the building depicted scenes of good and peace and of darkness and evil.

We couldn’t visit the rest of the castle because it was under renovation. Aren’t you glad this isn’t your house renovation?

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