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Llars des Capitans - Masnou

The accommodations on our trip so far have been excellent overall. We expected no different when we got to Masnou. We were delighted when Martha, our GPS, finally pulled us in front of our destination along the beautiful Spanish beaches of the Mediterranean. The first hint that this might be something special was the sight of the impressive front doors. Llars des Capitans was beyond what our booking agent portrayed on the website. I generally rate places I stay by cleanliness, warmth of reception, service, the comfort of the bed, the view and most importantly, the shower. The website said 3 stars. Who did this rating? They have obviously never stayed here.

Llar des Capitans was originally built in 1865 by three captains who plied the waves of the Mediterranean and beyond. Their families lived in this large home for several generations with the home being passed on from son to son to son. (What happened to the girls?) Eventually, one son did not want the home and it fell into disrepair for 40 years. In the early 2000’s, the home was rescued from the demolition ball by real estate agent Antonio Espadas. At first he ran his real estate business from the building. Over the years, he restored and converted it into the beautiful hotel it is today.

Llar des Capitans is one of only 2 hotels in Masnou. It is very close to the train station and only 15 minutes to Barcelona. We preferred the train to the car. No traffic. No parking problems. And when we got back from the bustle of Barcelona, we could relax on the beach right across the street. Families with little children, teenagers and young men (aka eye candy) playing beach volleyball entertained us in the hot sun. After a short traditional Spanish siesta we enjoyed superb food at the local beach bar: cervesa, calamari and topped off with Mojitos. The cool Mediterranean evening breeze was a welcome contrast to the midday sun. Would I recommend this hotel? Definitely. When I return, I will check in as a guest at the Llars des Capitans for a much longer stay.

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