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The fete at Sete

Sete was definitely a French tourist town. People walking down the streets on either side of the canal and restaurants, patios and souvenir shops for blocks. It was a fishing village with large fishing boats in the canal. There were tourist boats taking visitors around the island-like peninsula. This must be where all the people from the small French villages come to holiday. The only down side was that it was so swelteringly hot and humid. Air-conditioned hotel room time until dinner.

The restaurants and patios were much more crowded in the evening. They all summoned their potential guests with their set-menu features, patio seating and, of course, seafood, seafood and more seafood.

Our surprise after dinner was finding a wine festival a block down the way. It was a two block long market of wines. Everyone had a glass and a bag around their necks (to hold the wine glass). There was music playing and people were dancing in the streets to Earth Wind and Fire and other disco hits.

As always, the evening street and water scenes were picturesque and interesting.

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