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OMG! Peillon

We were talking about going to Nice, Cannes, Juan les Pins and Monaco when we came upon this…OMG!

As we started driving up the switchbacks (which were too numerous to count), I found myself clinging to the door handle and holding my breath. With each car we passed, I could see a few pebbles falling down the cliff where our tires touched the edge. We were ascending to the heavens. How could anyone centuries ago build a town so high?

Peillon has been in existence since the Iron Age. The original medieval houses were built in the 10th century and the current houses were built in the 1600’s.

The village of Peillon (pronounced Pay-on with a silent “n”) is carved into and built out of stone and set on the side of a mountain. It was the ultimate in mountain village living. Each turn along the path took us up or down a set of stone steps into another setting in this intriguing place. No ramps, no elevators. You had to be in shape to live here. Neat, clean and well-kept by the community of residents. You will be saying OMG too!

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