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The Goodwood Revival - Friends!

One of the best things about the Goodwood Revival was getting together with friends. Some flew over from Vancouver to be at Goodwood. Others came from Belgium and still others were homegrown in the UK. I met them all through Allan and Allan had met them all except one through Facebook. Now what did your mother tell you about talking to strangers online? And no one could be any stranger than Allan. What were they all thinking?

Alex, me, Allan, Anne and Matt (L to R) were the Vancouver crew. The guys were there to shoot and Anne and I were there to enjoy the ambience and the after party. Actually it was great being part of the “press” as Allan’s assistant. All I had to do was carry his gear and I got a free lunch and coffee all day long.

Paul and Nicolas were busy drawing and painting antique cars and selling their artwork all weekend.

The guys! L to R: Paul, Allan, Matt, Nicolas, Alex.

We even met up with a family we met at the beginning of our trip at the Hotel de France. Steve and Tracy and their boys Jacques and Emerson (who can tell they're racing fans, eh?) were at the Goodwood Revival too!

Steve and Ellen Benn generously offered to have us stay with them in their vacation caravan. Honestly, who wouldn’t love a woman who didn’t think you were drinking fast enough and tried to help you along?

Little did we know they were party animals. They were up before us in the morning. After dinner, they would drop off “us kids” and then head out again to the club. Sometimes they didn’t get home until 4 in the morning. Who knows what trouble they’d get into without proper supervision!

Seriously though, they lived through the same era in autoracing as Allan and were able to share some truly heartfelt stories and tragedies that marked those times. A weekend with friends was a wonderful way to cap off this whirlwind adventure.

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