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Will we be back? YOU BET!

Ucluelet. Our friends had called it their favourite place. It had better be spectacular I thought because the drive there took most of our day. When we pulled into the little town, I thought it was quaint and quiet. It was. Off season does that to a small resort town, but this was storm season and that brings in the visitors.

We turned down the road at the beautiful carving of the majestic eagle and there it was...The Water’s Edge. The beautiful resort was just as the promotional material had was right on the water! We had a one-bedroom suite all to ourselves. I could just move in. It was beautiful.

This was to be a weekend to unwind, relax, wander the ocean shore then make a cup of tea and sit by the fire. We had just arrived in time to settle in then it was off to catch the sunset at the lighthouse at the edge of town on the Wild Pacific Trail. The views were fabulous. Allan naturally got what he came for.

It rained the next day so we hunkered down by the fire and HG-TV. It was a perfect indulgence for me. I knit all day. Allan was painting by the window. He had his northern light. Ten hours flew past. I could taste retirement. We walked up the road leading into town with curious deer following our every step. We were now hungry and spotted a small restaurant right across from the carved eagle. It had a bowling alley! Allan jumped at the special of cod burger and was delighted. Our young server was animated and friendly. A bottle of champagne topped off the evening when we got home. Things were going just right…slow and easy.

Our final day was sunny. We decided on lunch and found a quaint little bistro called Ukee Dogs. We thought a bit about the name, but thought ‘What the hell, we’re on vacation.' The food was again outstanding! Satisfied, it was back to the Wild Pacific Trail where we had the chance to really see the rugged Pacific crashing on the rocks. I could have been mesmerized all day. I could see Allan’s wheels turning. “This would make a great painting.” I even got to wear the hat I had been knitting the day before! It was cool with a light breeze, but the sun kept us warm. We didn’t want to turn for home.

Will we be back? Definitely! Who knows? Maybe we’ll even turn up with surfboards…right!

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