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...And Then There's Switzerland

It was a shorter run to our next stop in Switzerland and we booked 3 nights! As we started climbing the hill to Camp Waldesruh, we were awestruck by the picturesque pastoral view.

The thing that impressed us about the Swiss way of doing things was that everything was so clean and well kept. They expected customers to clean up after themselves as well (in the shower area, in the campsite, in the recycling area etc.) And they had dedicated rest times when they closed the gate; late evening until morning and… 12-1:30 every day!

We had the chance to visit with Nick, Marianne and their son Dylan. Nick is a dedicated motor racing fan and journalist. He and Allan had done two hour-long interviews for a major network in South Africa. He and his family now live in Switzerland.

Nick gave Allan this prized piece of memorabilia.

Most of all, this stop was a chance to chill and enjoy the pastoral environment. We walked down into the village and were surprised that the climb back home was not that bad.

Allan has learned to walk like an Italian…slow and steady. We’ll definitely be back here one day.

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1 commentaire

Robert WJ Timco
Robert WJ Timco
16 sept. 2022

That is a wonderous backdrop for a little soul sorting, and maybe a bit of a spiritual reset as well. Good friends, food and natures glory meeting under blue skies and sharing stories makes for much laughter and years gone past seems like yesterday. Great pictures convey the narrative and make future trips much easier to plan

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