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Aulendorf - The Carthago City Mothership

Aulendorf, home of Carthago City. Our hope was to get a factory tour and see the Liner For Two again. What we didn’t anticipate was how long it took to get there. Even though we left the Dusseldorf RV show by 4:00, it was too much to get to Carthago City by the 9:30 am tour time. When we arrived, it was already 6:30 pm. Everything was closed up for the night. The good thing was that we could camp for free.

We were hungry and had time to drive through the quaint little town of Aulendorf. Finally we found some open restaurants and a grocery store! We had gone for 5 days with not a grocery store in sight. This day we found one in both Koblenz and Aulendorf!

We also found a café attached to a church that had live country music. It was great. Along with pizza and beer it was the perfect way to end the evening.

The next morning we had the showroom all to ourselves and we could look at all the details we had rushed through at the RV show.

We were also learning more about RV living in Europe. So far, we had to pay separately for electricity and water but dumping black and grey tanks were free. And the toilet cassettes, quite different from North America, weren’t as horrible as I was fearing. Since Allan had the only set of gloves, he was in charge of dumping the toilet cassette. Carthago City had full RV amenities so our water tank was full and our black and grey tanks were empty for the next adventure…the Bavarian Alps!

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