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Dusseldorf - Bigger is Bigger

One of the main reasons for our trek to Europe was to attend the RV show in Dusseldorf. We had a particular rig we wanted to see…

We pulled into Dusseldorf from Amsterdam in the late afternoon ready for the RV show the next day. We had to purchase tickets online for a particular day. Since we were already too late for reservations for overnight camping we made do with a nice quiet spot…under a bridge. Did I say “quiet”? There was an overpass, a tunnel, an on-ramp and an off-ramp plus the lights all around our little parking lot. It rivalled the noise of 2 trains on either side of our Muskoka campsite. Many drove like they were in a Grand Prix then suddenly it was quiet. I guess the drivers had to be home at a certain time. They returned early the next morning.

Dusseldorf’s shopping district is like our downtown shopping district…on steroids! Blocks and blocks of high-end shopping on one side of the city. Then blocks of restaurants and bars on the other side all bordered by the river.

The Dusseldorf RV show was like any RV show in Vancouver…again on steroids! It was huge! This show is housed in 17 separate buildings with food trucks in the outdoor spaces in between.

We specifically came to see the Carthago Liner For Two. It did not disappoint. It

was everything I hoped it would be. Definitely a luxury home on wheels.

We did end up finding the free designated campsite 10 minutes drive from the show. That is after spending 30 minutes trying to follow the GPS around and around to get there. We followed a couple taking the Metro to the show. Could we find our way back? Absolutely not! We took what we thought was the shuttle to our lot, only to find out it wasn’t. After several attempts, we found ourselves back at the RV show and onto the Metro again. But it seemed we had to walk for miles following the same route as the car, around and around back to the campsite.

Give me a cold beer and the countryside! Coming up…the countryside, Aulendorf and the Carthago factory. Oh yeah. The cold beer and some live country music!

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