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On the Way to Tobermory

Wiarton is known for one thing…Wiarton Willie. This year on Feb. 2, this famous groundhog predicted an early spring.

Our campground was right on the water in a picturesque location. Too bad we didn’t know about the front-end loader that started working on the other side of the hedge at 7 AM!

On the way through Flesherton, we stopped for a little break and ended up talking to a fellow that did walking tours around town. He told us about this church which was built in the 19th century and was the first English-speaking church in town. English as opposed to Gaelic.

We arrived in Tobermory at 1:00 ready for the 5:00 ferry to Manitoulin Island. It is a nice little tourist town and busy even in these Covid times. We even bumped into one of Allan’s Facebook friends at lunch. Rip Johnson and his wife drove up from Toronto for a day trip.

On the ferry at last and looking forward to our next stop. Another chance meeting with a firefighter friend from the past, Chris Fee and his wife Laurie started the trip right.

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