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One-On-One With a Pro - The Beginning

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

It all started when Allan gave me my retirement present early. Photography has been Allan’s life but it never interested me…until now. ONE ON ONE WITH A PRO is my personal photography journey with Allan.

I would describe my relationship with photography as a distant curiosity. It was Allan’s life. He lived and breathed photography. Not me. I had no interest. So it took me by complete surprise when Allan took me on my first photography walk with my new camera, a Sony RX10 Mark 4.

I didn’t even want to carry the camera at first. But even though I took my first picture reluctantly, it led to another and another. I started looking at my surroundings more closely. I sought things that interested me. This was fundamentally different than shooting with Allan’s camera. It was MY camera. I could shoot the things I wanted. I had total creative freedom.

I was interested in the texture of things. I wanted to capture what I saw and how I saw it.

Allan set up my camera for immediate success. He only showed me one or two things at a time. It was enough. How to use the wheel to bring in more or less light. How to go in close. How to delete. I experimented. It was relaxing. It was fun! This distant curiosity is quickly becoming a new friend.

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Jul 23, 2020



Jul 13, 2020

Great blog and even greater images, Grasshopper. Keep it up.

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