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  • Angela Louie and Allan de la Plante

Drop-in at Dijon

Allan and I thought we might have to sleep in the car for one night. It was Sunday and we didn’t have the access code to check in. But the owner of L’ApartHotel came and graciously welcomed us. It was a funky little place decorated like a chic Paris salon. After hoisting our luggage up many flights of stairs in previous hotels, I chided Allan for “preferring an upper storey”. Alas, there was an elevator! And the room was a great studio with a large closet and a little kitchenette hidden behind closet doors as well (fridge, sink, microwave and dishwasher). It was like a little trendy studio apartment. Another added feature: no church bells! The last place had us right beside the church tower with the bells ringing every hour through the night.

We only had a very short time in Dijon but what we saw of it was amazing. The old part of the city was very different from the other cities. The streets were wide like Barcelona but most of the old city was well maintained and very ornate. It was just like an old storybook, beautiful and rich in texture. We were sorry we had to leave so soon but Paris was calling…

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