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A Day in the Life in Corsham

It was Sunday. What a good day to do laundry. We found a little launderette in the heart of Corsham. It was a nondescript little place but it was hopping! All the machines were going and people were buzzing. I have very rarely (in fact I don’t think I have ever) done my laundry in a laundromat back home. Luckily Dave was very kind in showing me every step of the process. The Washing Well has been his business for 26 years. First everything went in the big front loading washing machine for 25 min. Then everything went into the spin machine for 2 minutes. Lastly, everything went into the front loading dryer for another 25 minutes. Wouldn’t you know it? While I was slaving away doing laundry, Allan was having fun watching the local soccer match next door.

Since it was an easy Sunday afternoon, we just walked through Corsham. Everything was closed but it was very pretty. We looked at the real estate postings. Not cheap.

And what would a Sunday afternoon be without a pint? So we stopped in at one of the local pubs. One of the customers was called outside. His wife had come to get him. When he came back after a couple of minutes, the other men laughed. “Escaped did you?”

Night life in Corsham was also about the pubs. We started out at the Hare and Hounds for dinner. Have you noticed that a lot of the names are similar eg. Fox and Hounds, Horse and Groom? We decided to go for a short walk to walk off the Beef and Guiness Pie and heard a booming bass coming from down the block. When we investigated, it was coming from behind a plain door. Inside The Two Pigs was a small front room of a pub and a 3 piece hard rock band called The Worried Men. Everyone was just standing there on the concrete floor watching them. They were actually very good. Hard rock on a Monday night. I wondered how the neighbours enjoyed it. Hope nobody had to sleep!

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