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  • Angela Louie and Allan de la Plante

Ladysmith to Crofton

The spring is sprung, the grass is riz.

I wonder where the boidie is.

They say the boidie’s on the wing.

But that’s absoid. The wing is on the bird. - Anonymous

It was sunny by the time we got to Ladysmith to visit our friends John and Linda. There were birds and colourful plants everywhere and of course John’s carvings to feast our eyes on. Duck eggs for Easter morning made the perfect breakfast!

Where’s Sweater?

He’s inside and nowhere to be found with this guy hunting for small domestic pets.

Transfer Beach, Ladysmith was the perfect place for painting and knitting for the afternoon.

At Crofton, we visited with Jim, Cat and Tina. Sweater visited with lots of dogs: 2 at Cat and Jim’s place and 4 more at Tina’s.

And he went for the longest walk of the year, 8 blocks!

Where’s Sweater?

On the beach at Crofton of course.

Easter dinner at the Genoa Bay Cafe was the evening’s entertainment. Allan and the cafe’s owner Gord had such a witty repartee you’d have thought it was written for late night comedy. We all laughed so hard. It was a perfect way to spend the evening with our friends. All we needed was a good night’s rest before heading to the west coast of Vancouver Island.

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